The Short Story...

Dani Baum is an actress, director, writer, producer, acting coach, lover of NYC & Chekhov who believes that art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed.

Dani owns & operates 660 STUDIOS NYC where actors professionally tape auditions, monologues & slateshots.

When Dani isn't acting or coaching, she is at the beach where she likes to surf and hang out with dolphins.

If you would like to know more, feel free to contact Dani directly by using the link below...

"Dani Baum is an inspiring actress who never fails to amaze me every time I watch her work at my studio. Her intelligence is evident and she is extremely diverse, intense, sensitive, charming, funny and creative. Her depth is always revealed in the innovative, artistic work that she does an actress. Dani seeks the truth every time she gets up to work, never fearing adversity or straying from the exploration of any facet in the art. Her courageousness allows her to remain open and honest, providing her with the drive to learn all that she possibly can about the process and craft of acting. She is a truly brilliant, very gifted actress."

- Susan Batson

"Dani Baum is an extraordinary human being & actress. Dani's selftaping business, 660 STUDIOS NYC, is a New York actors best weapon. If you need to tape an audition or slateshots, Dani is your go to. Her testimonials speak for themselves and she goes the extra mile with her keen coaching and easygoing mama manner."

- Jen Rudolph